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This book brings together the best Tibetan images of Vincent Munier, accompanied by the poetic texts of Sylvain Tesson.

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She stands there, lying at the foot of the cliff, present and invisible, discreetly dominating.
Her dress is speckled with ivory and dust.

Mother-of-pearl stains, obsidian shadows, golden tears.
Heaven and earth, day and night are melted into her coat.
The telescope is pointed at his body but it takes a moment for the eye to discern it.
The mind is slow to accept what it did not expect.
The eye struggles to see what it does not know.
Our reason, suddenly, understands that the beast is standing there, posted in full view.
The landscape, by a strange optical illusion, seems to be resorbed entirely in its body.
It is no longer the panther that is camouflaged in the landscape,

but the world that has become part of it.

Sylvain Tesson


Vincent Munier leads us on the trail of the snow leopard. Finding it is a grail for many travellers. Its quest is bewitching: you have to break your eyes on the rock, on the snow, on the back of each mountain to hope to see it. And, with a little luck, meet the other inhabitants of the majestic Tibetan plateau: tiny pikas, large birds of prey, Tibetan foxes, rare wild yaks, astonishing Pallas cats, herds of Kiang donkeys...

Sylvain Tesson accompanied him on his journey in February 2018 and lends him his pen for the first time. He has previously travelled in Central Asia and the Himalayas on several occasions. A geographer by training, journalist and travel writer, he divides his life between long-distance expeditions, writing and making adventure documentaries. His story La Panthère des neiges (Gallimard), based on this joint adventure, was awarded the Prix Renaudot 2019.


The black and whitefield notebook TIBET, promise of the invisible by Vincent Munier is sold separately and available here.

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