Adélie, terre & mer (land & sea), limited luxury edition


Last copies. Limited deluxe edition of the book "Adélie, terre & mer", accompanied by two art prints signed by Vincent Munier and Laurent Ballesta.


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This deluxe edition brings together the two volumes of "Adélie, terre & mer" by Vincent Munier and Laurent Ballesta in an elegant cloth box. It is limited to 100 copies.

Two art prints accompany the books: a photograph of emperor penguins by Vincent Munier and a photograph of Weddell seals by Laurent Ballesta. Both are signed by the photographers.

The box has been made by an Italian workshop and presents the books and prints in an exceptional double case; two ribbons allow the books to be removed from their box and a pair of gloves allows the prints to be handled with care. The closures are magnetic.

An original origami in the shape of an emperor penguin, made by the French designer Laure Devenelle(, completes the set.

Size of the prints: 18 x 27 cm (sheet size: 21 x 30 cm).

Adélie, terre & mer (land & sea)

For the first time, Vincent Munier and underwater photographer Laurent Ballesta set off together to discover the natural treasures of Adelie Land, in Antarctica.

Vincent Munier explored the pack ice and bird colonies, while Laurent Ballesta immersed himself under the ice; one observed emperor penguins and snow petrels in the open air, while the other dived with Weddell seals and discovered the astonishing and unknown biodiversity of the Antarctic depths...

Both have brought back unique images from this journey, where the bright white of the ice floe contrasts with the deep blue of the sea bed. The result of a technical as well as an artistic feat, this book is also a very beautiful object.

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Vincent Munier & Laurent Ballesta

Author (texts)

Luc Jacquet

Number of pages

104 (land) + 104 pages (sea)


35 cm


25 cm


4 kg


Kobalann / Paulsen


18x27cm on 21×30 sheet

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Swiss-style binding