• Arctique


    Imagine an all white world. White sky, white snow, white beasts.
    A new book and a fabulous journey to discover in October 2015…

  • 2016 Calendar

    2016 Calendar

    12 photographs from the book "Arctique".

  • Night of the deer

    Night of the deer

    In the deep of the autumnal night, the deer shows up…
    Book + CD included.

  • Au fil des songes

    Au fil des songes

    New copies available! 5 years after its 1st publication, this book brings together 3 passionate artists: Vincent, Michel Munier and composer CharlElie Couture.

  • solitudesen

    Solitudes I & II

    Two tomes, two ways of embracing the serenity of wilderness.

  • tancho


    Last copies available of this collectible book showcasing pictures of Hokkaido (Japan).

  • Nordic

    Nordic Variations

    An expedition to the Norwegian tundra, in the private world of a fabulous creature, the Musk Ox.

  • De crépuscule en crépuscule

    De crépuscule en crépuscule

    A journey from dawn to dusk including 40 pictures…